Lord Narayan's abode, it is Vaikunta on Earth. Here you can find a cold river, Alaknanda and hot springs from Lord Narayan feet.

Badrinath is the last panchayath in north end. From here Tibet is only 40 km by road and 2 km in air.


Mana is the last village, where Alaknanda and Saraswathi river join. It is a sangam place, where Veda Vyasa has written 18 purannas and expanded vedas.                                                                         
Pandavas has travelled on their last journey (Maha Prastana) through Satopanth on the way to Swargarohini. You can see a beautiful and heart shaped water pond located in the middle of The Himalayas, Uttarakhand state,  North India.

Satopanth is behind Neelakant mountain, at Badrinath (Holy Place, birth place of Lord Narayan). In Kedarkhand the altitude is apr. 14.000 feet above sea level.

Satopanth can be visited during the period of May untill October (open only for five months) with the help of a professional guide. Guide service is available in Joshimath, Mana (last village) for a fee of INR 300.- to 500.- /day depending on the availability.

You will need to walk for 2 days and carry all your staff with yourself like stove, battery, vessels, bread, other food items, dry friuts, medicine).
During the walk we must be carefull with land sliding, shooting stones, (grip shoes and hand sticks are important.
There is no any cotteges, only small caves avilable on the way. 

We need to walk 25 km from Badrinath to reach Satopanth which can take for three days and two days to return for the unexperienced hikers, or for professional hikers the whole trip takes only for two days.
This place fits only for those who are searching for spiritual development. Those whose approching are more materialistic can suffer from many problems.


1 km walking after Satopanth on stones you will reach Chandrakund, from Satopanth 4 km Surya kund, 6 km Vishnu kund (water pond), finally 7 km Swargarohini. Untill now nobody has been able to reach this place. 
According to the legends, the eldest of the Pandavas - Yudhistara - (dhrmaraju) the only one who went to Heaven with his body by pushpaka vimanam from this place.

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